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Bike Through Bennettsville

For the outdoor enthusiast, Bennettsville has marked out four bike trails in and around the downtown. Weaving through neighborhoods and the historic downtown, trails are listed on the visitbennettsville.com website with the distance, directions and level of difficulty. Each trail was checked out by members of the Bennettsville Police Department. Trails are on well traveled roads without bike lanes. Riders are encouraged to wear safety gear and obey all traffic laws. There is no bike riding on the sidewalks of Bennettsville.

Learn more about the bike trails.

The Northern Crescent Bicycle Trail also goes through Bennettsville and Marlboro County. Information on this trail can be found at sctrails.net.

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For more information or help planning your visit to Bennettsville, contact the Bennettsville Visitor Center at 304 West Main Street, telephone 843-479-3941 or email info@visitbennettsville.com.

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