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Spring Arrives!

Spring seems to be finally arriving in Bennettsville and what a wonderful time to get out and explore this historic town! Stroll Main Street and take in the shops there and around the Courthouse Square.

Walk the historic district with the walking tour map or listen to the tour by cell phone. For the bike enthusiasts there are trails in and around Bennettsville which will take you through the downtown, neighborhoods and outlying roads of Bennettsville. The Bennettsville Fitness Center is also open to the public and has a variety of exercise machines.

A 1.5-mile trail around Lake Paul Wallace will exercise your body and give you an opportunity to see wildlife. Recreation facilities in the City of Bennettsville include Bennettsville Community Center, Bennettsville Fitness Center, Smith Park & Playground, Kidsland Fun Park, Woodland Park, King Street Park & Playground, Bennettsville Tennis Complex and McLeod Street Basketball Courts. Golfers are welcome to play the course at the Marlboro Country Club.

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For more information or help planning your visit to Bennettsville, contact the Bennettsville Visitor Center at 304 West Main Street, telephone 843-479-3941 or email info@visitbennettsville.com.

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